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  • Note that Safe Delivery is guaranteed on all domestic orders. (However, in winter months this guarantee is only in effect when using USPS Express Mail).
  • Sorry, there are no international shipments at this time.
  • I endeavor to pack things carefully and conscientiously to ensure that the contents arrive in as safe & fresh a condition as possible and in such a manner that is cost effective for everyone. Please understand that many of the plants I offer are comparatively fragile. Despite the utmost care in packing, unavoidable rough handling in transit can still cause some minor damage (an occasional broken leaf or two, etc).
  • That being said, if there is a problem with your order upon receipt - please contact us (www.mountainorchids.com/contact) within 24 hrs (Please do not wait a week or two)!
  • Please note that I do NOT guarantee performance after delivery - that aspect depends on the aftercare and conditions provided - over neither of which i have any control.
  • Plants are varied and many of those I grow require special aftercare. Please shop carefully. If in doubt, ask questions first.
  • Larger orders, or orders that include both plants and supplies, typically require more than one box.


  • Carefully inspect how the items are placed/arranged before removing plants from the box. Sometimes, especially if there are flower stems involved, they can easily become broken if too hastily pulled/lifted from their paper cushioning.
  • Should something appear missing, be sure to carefully examine all of the packing material — smaller items can sometimes be difficult to spot! If, after careful checking, an item is still found to be amiss, please let us know immediately.
  • We utilize a packing method that involves shredded waxed paper, bubble pack (and/or foam peanuts) as cushioning. Split Bamboo Canes are also used with potted plants to ensure that the plants cannot shift. Masking tape is employed to help see that the plants and the potting medium stay within the pots.



  • After careful extraction from any shredded tissue, the masking tape should be removed from each pot. It can either be cut with scissors (to make a new “end”), or look carefully for the original “end” of the tape and then use that to start unwrapping.
  • Use care when unwrapping so that tape and paper removal doesnt break stems and leaves.



  • Take note to see if any need any immediate attention. Spent or faded blooms, and or broken leaves may need removal. If they appear overly dry, water lightly - while trying not to get the foliage wet.
  • Note that terrarium-care plants will REQUIRE a setting that provides adequate humidity. Plants such as these (see website if uncertain), MUST not be left “in the open” or uncovered once unboxed. Likewise, it is usually ill advised to top-wet the foliage on plants that have just been shipped. Should a terrarium-type plant require watering upon arrival, it is best to bottom-water (set in saucer of water for a few minutes), or VERY carefully top water the potting mix but not to get water on leaves or crowns, and then place within a humid space (bag or terrarium).



  • I typically do not include cultural sheets with orders. The plant variety is too great and there’s no way to have printed cultural advice specific for each. Some shoppers don't care - many are experienced and have their own way of doing things already. However, for those who DO wish for some general advice, we do offer online culture sheets for a few of the major groups I grow. They are available here: www.mountainorchids.com/culture-sheets
  • In general, however, do keep in mind that your plants will have just spent several days in a dark box and exposed to probably less than ideal levels of temps and humidity. Considering this, it is usually a good idea to treat them a little “gently” at first. If they’re normally sun-lovers, do not place them immediately out of the box into direct sun, etc. In general, just acclimate them to your growing area by protecting them from extremes - at least for the first few days.