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Package arrived today safe and sound...

Wednesday 15 June, 2023

Package arrived today safe and sound. I really appreciate all the care you put into making sure they’d arrive in such great condition. Thank you so much for the generous gift of beijnenii dark form, it is such a handsome begonia & the beijnenii mottled are absolutely gorgeous. I look forward to growing them both!

Submitted By: Maria J.

Order arrived today and I’m very impressed...

Friday 02 June, 2023

My order arrived today and I’m very impressed. Not one leaf was damaged or lost, which I find amazing and beyond my expectations . Even the flower spikes were intact.
Thank you for the expert packing and selecting healthy plants! They’re under glass now, and looking great!

Submitted By: Jason S.

The plants arrived today, WOWZA...

Wednesday 01 September, 2021

Parcel arrived today, WOWZA! The Begonias look AWESOME and very well & happy. Fantastic packaging and shipping speed was amazing. Look forward to placing my next order with you soon, especially when the ones on the waitlist come available again. Thank you VERY much and Regards.

Submitted By: Jens W.

The plants arrived …in great shape!!

Wednesday 18 August, 2021

The plants arrived late this morning, in great shape. I’ll give them a day or two to rest before I pot them up. The plants from the previous order are all growing nicely. I’m so pleased to have all of them! When all the news in the world seems to be awful, it’s our gardens and growing things that sustain us. Thanks for helping to make that possible!

Submitted By: James M.


The plants arrived and are AMAZING!!

Wednesday 16 June, 2021

The plants arrived and are AMAZING!! They are huge, and vibrant - THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Submitted By: Vanessa W.

...Two orders I got from you recently arrived looking great.

Friday 25 June, 2021

I'm a little late with this, but I just wanted to let you know that the two orders I got from you recently arrived looking great, and they continue to do well. My Beg. chlorosticta appears to be thriving so far (fingers crossed)... I'm always so happy to get plants from you. :)

Submitted By: Brooke M.

...Arrived today in great condition...

Thursday 24 June, 2021

The Begonia rajah arrived today in great condition. Your packaging is superbly done and the plant is a beautiful specimen. I have been looking for this plant for a long time.

Submitted By: Klaus S.

...Arrived in excellent condition ...

Friday 23 April, 2021

Good morning, the plant arrived in excellent condition yesterday, and quite a big bigger than I expected. A great many thanks. With best regards...

Submitted By: Milan S.

...We’re extremely pleased...

Friday 09 April, 2021

I received my very first order from Mountains Orchids today: Begonia Tweedle Dee and Begonia sizemoreae. They are fantastic! I could not be more thrilled by the plants that arrived. So carefully packaged, not one leaf damaged. I hope to be able to shop for more begonias when stock is replenished! Thank you so much for such an outstanding experience!

Submitted By: Susan L.

...We’re extremely pleased...

Thursday 29 October, 2020

We really appreciate the plants! Came in great shape. We’re extremely pleased with everything we’ve received!

Submitted By: Ken M.

I am a customer for life. ...

Monday 10 August, 2020

I am a customer for life.Not only does Darrin grow some of the most spectacular plants on earth but, he truly cares about his customers and that is a rare thing these days.I thank you Darrin for treating me so well.

Submitted By: Dana H.

Wow! ...

Friday 10 July, 2020

Wow! I received the begonias yesterday and they are FANTASTIC! Both are fine plants in the peak of health. The variegata is so OVER-THE-TOP! It's ten times better than the pic. It's my new favorite plant! Thank you so much for the great begonias and excellent packing!

Submitted By: Craig C.

Quick Note...

Wednesday 24 June, 2020

Quick note, I wanted to thank You for the two plants sent to me. Your plants are, and have always been, of excellent health and culture. Unique, is the very large sized plants I’ve always received from you. Your packing, and promptness are always second to none.

Submitted By: Kris T.

I received my order...

Saturday 23 May, 2020

I received my order and I’m just so impressed with my plants and the packing was impeccable! I also placed an order with a friend and we both got kingiana begonias and they are both doing incredible as well! I feel so lucky that they were in stock and I was able to order them! So excited to buy more! Thanks for your amazing plants and service.

Submitted By: Shelly S.

The two begonia subacida have arrived...

Thursday 21 May, 2020

The two begonia subacida have arrived and OMG they are dreamy. I am so very happy right now you have no idea. This was one of my unicorn begonia. Thank you so much. Im so grateful. They arrived in perfect condition. Your packaging was on point. I really appreciate you selling me these 2 beauties. Thank you again.

Submitted By: Ainede S.

I wanted to let you know...

Monday 04 May, 2020

I wanted to let you know the plants I ordered arrives in great shape and are a complete delight! Thank you very much. I hope to do business with you again.

Submitted By: Craig C.

THANK YOU for the beautiful begonias...

Friday 13 March, 2020

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the beautiful begonias I got yesterday. All are very beautiful however specifically surprised with B. rubida, in person it looks stunning! Thank you for making such beautiful plants available to begonia hobbyists.

Submitted By: Anita D.

Plants arrived today...

Wednesday 27 February, 2020

Plants arrived today and in excellent condition. Very pleased with your service and looking forward to future purchases. Thank you.

Submitted By: Tim B.

I have to thank you...

Wednesday 5 February, 2020

I have to thank you for the order that arrived today. I’m amazed by the quality. The chingipengii is enormous, and outshining my anthuriums! And the xanthina var lazuli is just... ethereal. Looking forward to the next one!

Submitted By: Dylan N.

Received my order today...

Wednesday 5 February, 2020

I received my order today and it is perfect. Thank you so much for your careful shipping. The plants arrived in fine shape and are gorgeous with great root systems

Submitted By: Kathleen M.

My husband received our plant...

Tuesday 2 October, 2019

My husband received our plant and told me he was amazed at the awesome packing you guys did. Our plant looked great, wasn’t even stressed out at all. I just wanted to say thank you, I really appreciate it and hopefully will purchase again from you!

Submitted By: Chelsea X.

The order I just received is incredible

Friday 26 April, 2019

I must once again sing your praises, Darrin. The order I just received is incredible! The plants and amazing and nice sized, the packaging is the best bar none. I am so glad I found you and will continue to be a loyal customer.

Submitted By: Dana H.

I got my order and the B Baik is amazing

Friday 26 April, 2019

Thanks Darrin, I got my order and the B Baik is amazing! I had one that... were an inch wide so I was surprised at the size and condition of what I received. It is so beautiful. All the plants are perfect as usual. I think the U639 is beautiful and I am glad I bought it after seeing it on your site for a while.

Submitted By: Mia G.

...all in excellent condition.

Thursday 18 April, 2019

Received all my plants in good packaging and all in excellent conditions. Also received free plant "Thank You", shall keep you posted how it does in S FL. Darren is very helpful as I need some help on a begonia for my begonia society, he gave me details of the plant. I have ordered plants from him in the past and never once was I unhappy, The plants always arrived in perfect condition and packed very well. Thank You, and keep getting new begonias.

Submitted By: Pauline M.

...OH MY GOD...

Saturday 13 April, 2019

I just received my package, and OH MY GOD they are BEAUTIFUL!!! I was literally blown away by the beauty of each one as I took them out. I also really love how well you always pack everything. There is never a leaf out of place, and they are always super healthy. Thank you SO much for helping me with my long begonia wish list, (that keeps getting bigger) and for putting so much care into growing such beautiful plants! ??

Submitted By: Jennifer F.

I just received my order...

Wednesday 10 April, 2019

I just received my order and your plants are wonderful. I buy a LOT of stuff on line and just wanted to let you know that your product stands tall above most others. Keep up the good work.

Submitted By: Harry G.

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!

Thursday 28 March, 2019

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!! Not only for your patience with me but for such lovely plants. I never expected such nice looking plants. I am in love with the Zootrophion!!! Thanks again. I will definitely be ordering from you again.

Submitted By: Marion Q.

... My mouth dropped when I opened...

Friday 17 March, 2019

I have just received my order and the plants are very healthy, beautiful and large. Darrin was more than willing to go above and beyond in answering any questions I had. My mouth dropped when I opened the package. Very well packed with care. I’ll be ordering again soon.

Submitted By: Dana H.

The plants arrived in great shape

Friday 16 March, 2019

The plants arrived in great shape today -- a day earlier than I was expecting. The pumila is a much larger plant than I was expecting -- thank you -- I can't wait to see it bloom! And the begonias all look great as well. As usual, your plants are top quality!

Submitted By: Jeff S.

Absolutely beautiful specimens

Monday 04 March, 2019

I have only recently the past 2 years or so gotten into the various Begonia varieties. The plants I've received from here have been expertly packaged and have been absolutely beautiful specimens! I am so thankful to have found Mountain Orchids and will be a customer for many years to come.

Submitted By: Dana H.

Great doing business...

Friday 01 March, 2019

Great doing business with Darrin and Co. Great plants and equally great customer service. You will hear from me again very soon.

Submitted By: Brian G.

Begonias just arrived here in perfect condition...

Friday 22 February, 2019

Despite the winter weather in your neck of the woods, and thanks to your exceptional packing and insulation, the begonias just arrived here in perfect condition. Such large, healthy and beautiful plants as I have always come to expect from you.Thanks again!

Submitted By: David S.

Thanks, David, for the feedback! Shipping in winter is always a challenge from up here. However, I've been at this for many years and safe delivered can usually be achieved - its just a matter of timing things with regards to the weather, days of the week, and the using an adequate delivery service to minimize the risk. Anyway, thanks again for letting us know it worked out, and happy growing!
-Darrin ;-)

...beautiful healthy plants, as usual

Tuesday 29 January, 2019

I received the begonias last week, excellent packaging and beautiful healthy plants, as usual. The montaniformis in particular was much bigger than I expected. Always a great experience ordering from you.

Submitted By: Mia G.

Plants from Mountain Orchids have...

Wednesday 23 January, 2019

Plants from Mountain Orchids have always arrived in excellent shape, and are incredibly well grown. The size and robustness of the plants is impressive, and the packaging is the best I've seen. I've ordered at least 30 species and not a single one has arrived with so much as a damaged leaf. The descriptions provided for each plant are helpful in growing them, and the selection of rare Begonias is exceptional. The prices are very reasonable and Darrin has been a pleasure to order from. Thanks very much!

Submitted By: Emily L.

...the most amazing pleasure...

Sunday 07 January, 2019

While I was in the US, I was given the most amazing pleasure of opening boxes of plants that came from your establishment. Many of these plants growing in the terrariums are a testament to the fabulous quality of the begonias you sell. Shame there isn’t someone like you in South Africa.

Darrin, I must add that your packaging puts everyone else’s to shame. I have great memories of opening the box lids and that’s where the fun began. Every plant was very securely packaged and camouflaged. I never knew what I was going to find until the beginning of every piece of tape had been found and carefully removed from the pot along with the camouflage of shredded paper. Only then could I sit back and wonder at the piece of begonia heaven in front of me.

I can honestly say that I either watched on or worked my own way down to the very last begonia at the bottom of each parcel and every begonia was as good as the one before it. The last one left in the box was as good as the first one to come out.

Submitted By: Halina G.

This has to be the best place...

Saturday 22 December, 2018

This has to be the best place to order from. Every plant is well grown and well packaged, even in the middle of the winter. Never have any problems with the beautiful plants. Thank you so much for your dedication to growing the best begonias.

Submitted By: Diana I.

I received the package...

Thursday 1 November, 2018

I received the package with the begonias and want to thank you for packing so carefully. All arrived in excellent condition and are now in glass boxes. They are much larger than I had thought they would be and I am really happy with all of them.

Submitted By: Mia G.

...Thanks for the great service

Tuesday 02 October, 2018

Just a note to say the entire process from order to delivery was less than 48 hours!!! The plants arrived in perfect condition!! Look forward to the pleasant process of ordering again....soon!!! Thanks for the great service.

Submitted By: Bill R.

Thanks, Bill, for the feedback! Timing is everything, as I like to say. In this case, when the order comes in on a day i'm shipping and i can fit it in with the others, then everything gets expedited pretty quickly. That being said, I typically try to always ship as soon as possible.
-Darrin ;-)

Plant Dome Sets...

Thursday 23 August, 2018

I just wanted to drop you a note to say I received the plant dome sets and they are great! Do hope you will continue to carry them as I am adding to my gesneriad collection and would like to order more domes in the future. Thanks so much for your courtesy and efficient shipping.

Submitted By: Nancy E.

Received order...

Wednesday 14 June, 2018

Received the orchids today in perfect condition. You really know how to pack orchids. Other vendors should learn from you.

Submitted By: Stephel L.

Begonia versicolor update...

Tuesday 01 May, 2018

Hi Darrin! You might recall my earlier email detailing my difficulty in growing (or even getting to survive) Begonia versicolor. You kindly gave me a few tips on how you handle the "finicky" beast. Well, I took your advice and the plant I got from you a few months ago is growing like a weed! When I got my plant of B. versicolor, it had two growing points and had small, juvenile leaves. Today I counted four growing points and the plant is covered in ever increasingly larger leaves with wonderful coloration. As a matter-of-fact I'm going to have to transplant it very soon. I currently grow it, along with Begonia ningmingensis var. bella and B. ningmingensis (Vietnam form), in a small (12" x 12" x 12") exo-terra vivarium under two small led light bars designed to go under kitchen cabinets. These are on a timer running for 12 hours a day. The humidity runs around 91%, although I'll open the doors every so often to give the plants some fresh air. The best part is that the temperature is staying between 64 and 71F, thanks to the cool running LEDs. Thank-you for the tips on this plant - it and all of the other Begonias I've ordered from you, are doing great.

Submitted By: Errin C.

Regarding Recent Purchases...

Friday 06 April, 2018

The begonias I've been purchasing from you have been far superior and more amazing to than any others I have or ordered from elsewhere! Thank you so much.

Submitted By: Reid W.

So happy to have come across your online shop...

Tuesday 20 March, 2018

Thanks (for the response) and may I add that I am so happy to have come across your online shop. I have been looking for a good source to buy unique begonias and placing the order was so easy. Totally appreciate all the information you have included in the item descriptions. Bravo!

Submitted By: Meenu D.

Mountain orchids is the best...

Sunday 18 March, 2018

Mountain orchids is the best mail-order nursery I have ever dealt with in over more than 45 years of growing orchids and other rare plants. Their stock is absolutely top quality, properly labeled, and in excellent condition. They ship promptly, and are always ready to take advantage of breaks in our roller-coaster New England weather to get plants to customers safely. Their packing strategy is unique, and approaches genius. Each plant is wrapped with exceptional care, and then strategically spaced in the shipping container, held apart by ingenious deployment of split bamboo stakes. My recent order was mostly begonias, which are extremely fragile. Every single plant came through shipping in topnotch condition, and all have continued growing for me without pause. A couple are already blooming, though they’ve been here less than a month.

Submitted By: Joseph L.

I am delighted...

Wednesday 21 February, 2018

I am delighted with the shipment. These begonias are spectacular, inexpensive and nobody else has them. Thank you.

Submitted By: Willis A.

The plants I received were huge in comparison to others...

Thursday 24 August, 2017

This is the first time of what I expect will be many of ordering from your company. I have ordered from 3-4 others, and by far Mountain Orchids has been the best experience. The plants I received were huge in comparison to others I have received and the prices are very competitive. My plants arrived promptly and were still a bit moist in the box. Well packed and well received. I will be ordering again. Great work.

Submitted By: Kyle C.

Wonderfully robust and arrived in GREAT shape...

Thursday 26 July, 2017

My order came today (Begonia listada & Begonia variegata, as well as NZ sphagnum) and I just wanted you to know that the plants were wonderfully robust and arrived in GREAT shape, despite the horrible heat indices we've had here in Tennessee the last few days. These plants are for a very particular client (I'm a horticulturist by trade) so quality really matters to me. You guys rock. I'll be ordering again, and for myself this time!

Submitted By: Martha D.

I wanted to tell you...

Friday 16 June, 2017

I wanted to tell you personally how very happy I am with my purchase from you! Delivery was literally two days from order date! That was great, but, even better was your superior packing of my plant for shipment. It arrived in literally perfect condition! It would not have been better if you had personally hand-delivered it to me. I am a customer for life! Thank you so much! Simply amazing!

Submitted By: Debi P.

Just got the plants...

Wednesday 12 April, 2017

I just got the plants, and they look STUNNING! Only one leaf (on the metachroa) was broken, and it was a minor, older leaf. I may have even done it while removing packaging. Everything was well packed, and everything looks healthy and absolutely gorgeous. I'm a very happy customer! Thank you!

Submitted By: Brooke M.

Arrived today in pristine condition

Wednesday 05 April, 2017

Order arrived today in pristine condition. Packing meticulous and plants larger, healthier, and more beautiful than expected. This was my second order with consistent results and you are worthy of high praise.

Submitted By: Donald C.

Plastic domes are great!

Saturday 04 March, 2017

Just wanted to let you know that I’m using both the plastic domes I ordered and they are great. Lightweight, the vent works, big tall dome. There's plenty of room for my B. chloroneura and B. sizemoreae. Hope some of my other plants get bigger too so I can re-order!

Submitted By: Marybeth H.

Order arrived flawless

Friday 03 February, 2017

I received my order for the Begonia melanobullata and I have to let you know that it arrived flawless! It is far more exquisite in person than I could have imagined! Thank you for the great customer service and fast shipping. I will definitely be ordering more plants in the future.

Submitted By: Kris R.

Enjoying my plants

Thursday 17 January, 2017

Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed the plants I got from you and grew from the rhizomes - the achimenes have just gone dormant and the Achimenantha ' Northwoods Sunburst' has buds! I love the foliage, even without blossoms. Thank you for supplying quality plants/rhizomes, and look forward to ordering again.

Submitted By: Ruth G.

Plants arrived about an hour ago in absolutely perfect condition...

Friday 07 October, 2016

Plants arrived about an hour ago in absolutely perfect condition. Exciting to have these 2 species. Now all I have to do is keep them alive! Gorgeous color to B. baik and appears that 2 little plants had sprouted from leaf start of B. melanobullata. Thanks once again for great plants, perfectly packed and totally healthy. Always a pleasure dealing with you.

Submitted By: David S.

Very happy with my order, as always...

Friday 26 August, 2016

I received the order of Neolauchea Isabelia pulchella this afternoon and it is huge! I am surprised at the size of this and very happy with my order, as always… Thanks so much for the information and fast reply! ...I have always been very happy with everything I've purchased from you, great plants and they are extremely healthy and, sadly, that hasn't always been the case (with online orders). ...I've made several purchases from you, honestly all of my favorites literally. The hard to find orchids, the odd balls or just cute and different. Each and every purchase has been awesome, never a problem or issue with your plants or your business practices. It is always a pleasure. Thanks for being such an asset to my mini orchid addiction and to online vendors.

Submitted By: Patricia B.

I am extremely pleased...

Thursday 23 June, 2016

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the miniature orchid that you shipped to me ...arrived on Monday, as planned, and is perfectly happy after the trip. I am extremely pleased with the plant and if I was an orchid fanatic I am positive I would order more. As it is this is a gift for my aunt I have a feeling she might just order from you when she sees the quality of plants that you ship.

Submitted By: Karen B.

I'm amazed and very pleased...

Wednesday 08 June, 2016

I just received the plants I ordered on Sunday. Today is only Wednesday. I'm amazed and very pleased. The plants arrived perfectly packaged and therefore in perfect condition. They are obviously very well grown and healthy and larger than I was expecting. I've been trying to replace a 10 year old Begonia versicolor which was killed by an overzealous plant sitter. I'm so glad I ordered it from you. My only regret is that I didn't order more from my (extensive) wish list. A problem easily rectified! Thank you so much for your wonderful service - and products.

Submitted By: Joyce S.

My husband... was thrilled

Friday 03 June, 2016

The box of gesneriads and net pots arrived yesterday afternoon. The plants were ordered as an early Father's Day gift for my husband, he was thrilled at the quality and condition of the four plants.

Submitted By: Doreen V.

Just amazing - everything arrived in absolutely perfect condition

Saturday 15 May, 2016

I am completely flabbergasted by the beauty, health, and size of your plants. Just amazing. Everything arrived in absolutely perfect condition. The packaging was like a zen koan: unraveling the chaos until you find the jewels buried inside...

Submitted By: Michael and Patti V.

Gorgeous, healthy & exquisitely packed

Wednesday 13 April, 2016

Hi, I wanted to let you know the 4 plants arrived in perfect condition. Gorgeous, healthy plants exquisitely packed. The B. paulensis is absolutely huge! Thanks! I will definitely recommend Mountain Orchids to plant-loving friends and order again myself.

Submitted By: David S.

My Order arrived in fine shape

Friday 01 April, 2016

My order arrived in fine shape. The Calopogons are now safely settled in my tiny bog. Thank you again for having neat plants and taking such great care with my shipments. As a consumer I think the packaging for shipment is very important. Luckily plants can take a lot of shipping abuse and still bounce back, but it is nice to know you take steps to reduce the chance of that happening.

Submitted By: Kathleen M.

They got here yesterday...

Friday 25 March, 2016

I bought from you both of your Impatiens. They got here yesterday in excellent shape. Thank you very much for the effort on packaging them, it was excellent. Thank you

Submitted By: Patty L.

Nice plant and well packed

Thursday 11 March, 2016

Very Nice plant and well packed... Thanks for the extra effort in packing also... Well Done.

Submitted By: Kenney B.

My Order...

Thursday 11 March, 2016

My order arrived yesterday in great shape. Thank you for taking such care in packaging them. The plants are absolutely gorgeous and beautifully grown. I've ordered twice and have been very pleased both times.

Submitted By: Kathleen M.

Many Thanks

Thursday 03 March, 2016

Many thanks. My order has arrived in excellent condition. The plants are larger than I expected and I am delighted. Thank you again.

Submitted By: Colin T.

So Impressed

Thursday 04 February, 2016

Package arrived today!!! I am so impressed by the plants and the care you took to send it!!! You've got a happy customer!! I am so excited to have this beautiful begonia!! Ill be checking out your website for some more plants soon!!! THANKS!!

Submitted By: Susan G.

More than I'd hoped For

Wednesday 03 February, 2016

Just wanted to let you know that my plants made it here safe and sound. They are gorgeous and show no signs of being in transit for 2 days. Thanks so much for including two in spike!! That was more than I'd hoped for.

Submitted By: Lee S.

Great Plants

Saturday 08 August, 2015

I received my order yesterday and was delighted with them. They were all much larger plants than I had expected. One had two flowers and another has two buds ready to open. I am thrilled with what I received and would wholeheartedly recommend Mountain Orchids as a great source.

Submitted By: Colin T.

Wonderful and unusual

Tuesday 07 July, 2015

I received my begonias in great shape, incredibly well packed and prompt. While some may be difficult to grow, Mountain Orchids let's you know ahead of time, so no surprises. Thanks for a great experience.

Submitted By: Chris B.

Happy Customer

Thursday 30 April, 2015

I am very pleased with the plants I received for your company. I will only buy my masdevallias here.. great shipping too.

Submitted By: Michael L.

Order #1278

Friday 17 April, 2015

My order came at 10:00 yesterday. Everything, as usual, arrived in great shape. I do have a question. When they came, I went to your web site to check your listed growing hints but Begonia phuthoensis had disappeared. Could you please Email this information. Other than that, I am quite happy with what I received. Thanks!

Submitted By: Gwynne F.

Sorry about that. The reason the item disappeared from the website was because we sold out of it. Note: The culture sheets we have are always available online here.

Begonia pavonina

Saturday 18 October, 2014

Fast shipping and cute plant, thank you ++++++++++++

Submitted By: Esther L. (Desability)

The plants arrived today

Saturday 20 September, 2014

The plants I ordered from you arrived today. I must say that the quality of the plants and the packaging are outstanding. I am most satisfied. I feel that you all gave me excellent value for the money. Thank you. I'm sorry that I may never see your operation, I am certain that it is most impressive.

Submitted By: John W.

Super plants

Wednesday 30 July, 2014

WOW. Quick delivery, Super sized plants, in bloom and bud.

Submitted By: Ray C.

Beautiful begonia pavonina

Thursday 17 July, 2014

The plant arrived today intact. Thank you +++++++++++

Submitted By: Esther L. (Desability)

Fantastic plants as usual!

Thursday 10 July, 2014

Hi Darrin,
Your plants are always so well-grown and arrive in perfect shape! Thanks again.

Submitted By: Stephanie W.

Excellent Selection

Monday 30 June, 2014

Mountain Orchids is one of my few go-to sources for plants, particularly unique Dendrobiums and Begonias. The service is excellent, and Darrin is extremely helpful and responsive. The plants are never anything but top-quality.

Submitted By: Kevin H.

Tiny but vigorous Achimenes

Friday 02 May, 2014

I wanted to give credit where credit is due. The two Achimenes arrived in excellent condition, and despite their small pot size, have proven to be vigorous growers. They join two of your other Achimenes varieties, which over the past couple of years have expanded (as Achimenes do) into healthy plants that produce a profusion of bloom. Visitors to my garden are always curious about my Achimenes collection. I encourage all gardeners to take an interest in them.

Submitted By: Jack G.

My Recent Shipment...

Monday 20 January, 2014

I wanted to let you know that the Express Mail package arrived today intact and on time. The orchids were all packed very well and made the journey perfectly. There was no damage to any of the leaves or spikes whatsoever. The heat pack did the trick and kept them at a good temperature.

All of the plants are extremely healthy, robust, mature and of great size. Almost all of them had flower spikes with numerous buds and several of them had strikingly beautiful flowers open - all which I was very excited about! The pots and medium were very good as well.

Thank you for the (M. Rise 'n Shine 'Mountainside' AM X Angel Tang 'Christopher') - it has by far the BIGGEST Masdevallia flower I've ever seen! It's exquisite!

Submitted By: David H.

The orchids arrived...

Sunday 19 January, 2014

The orchids arrived Saturday morning before 10 am and they were in perfect condition. My husband unpacked the box and was really impressed by how well the warm pack had performed. The plants were room temperature and look fantastic. Many thanks for the bonus; I have just the right space for it in the greenhouse.

Submitted By: Lynn

Excellent Dendrobium Illusion Plants

Thursday 01 August, 2013

I bought 2 Dendrobium Illusion orchids- both were professionally shipped and came in perfect condition. They are growing well (both plants have new leaves) and one has 2 buds- thank you!

Submitted By: tsouliop

Another outstanding experience

Wednesday 10 July, 2013

Any serious pleurothallid grower should take note of Mountain Orchids. Darrin's plants are always impressive from the start, and the shipping/handling is "top-notch." Thank you!

Submitted By: Miles

Order In Excellent Condition

Friday 31 May, 2013

I recieved my Begonia sutherlandii plants that I re-ordered in excellent condition as usual and large plants and shipping arrived in two days. As I said, I would re-order from you again. Thank you.

Submitted By: Jean J.

Den. cuthbertsonii

Wednesday 17 April, 2013

I was recently gifted one of my "bucket list" orchids, and was a little wary about receiving it from an out of state vendor, as my luck with shipped plants has not been so stellar. My Dendrobium cuthbertsonii arrived today, and is absolutely PERFECT. Beautifully grown, shipped very securely, and just astoundingly cute. The bloom remained intact and there are new roots evident all over. I wanted to take a moment to say "thank you", and that I will recommend your products and company to anyone interested.

Submitted By: Stu B.

Beautiful Begonias

Friday 05 October, 2012

I have purchased Begonias from this grower on several occasions. I always received beautiful plants in perfect condition; Never any breakage or dehydration. I have never experienced this from other sellers. Communication is great too. Thanks

Submitted By: Nader S.

Fast service--Excellent plants

Wednesday 26 September, 2012

Placed my order on Monday and the plants arrived on Wednesday. All very healthy looking and large. The Lep. cascajalensis is one of the finest looking Lepanthes I have purchased from any vendor. Darrin is always prompt in answering email questions about plant culture and/or availability.

Submitted By: David A.

Received Our Plants Yesterday

Saturday 15 September, 2012

We received our 3 plants yesterday and have to tell you how pleased we were when we opened the box. There was not the least bit of damage to anything - they look like they were just picked up off the grower's bench. We were impressed at the good size of our plants as well.

We would like to know what soil mix you use (if you share that information), and also what fertilizer and fertilizing regimen?

Again, many thanks. We will buy from you again.

Submitted By: Paul M.

Thanks, Paul!
It's no great secret - I use a a commercially prepared potting mix as a base. The latest is ProMix BX - to which I add extra perlite. For some plants, I have also added hand-chopped sphagnum (mainly to add extra coarse-ness while not encouraging it to dry faster). I can't offer am exact proportion for the added perlite as I do not measure it, I just add what looks/feels right. Premier also offers a Pro-Mix HP (high Porosity) version ...but i could not get it the last time I ordered so i used the BX and added the perlite myself. I've also used a similar Fafard mix and the jury is still out on whether either worked better than the other. Honestly, i think it comes more down to watering practices, water quality, and humidity than the mix itself - an opinion based more on having grown Orchids for 30 years than on much else.

As for feeding, i use a product called K-Lite Orchid Fertilizer (because of the Orchids), applied frequently, but at about 50-100 ppm N. Since this tends to be a tad light, I intersperse it with Cal-Mag and also sometimes supplement with Osmocote or other slow-release fert as a minor topdressing in spring as the days get longer here and the growing season really gets in full swing. I use Rain water as the base (when it rains) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) water when it doesn't. All adjusted to PH 6.0, more or less. The RO component is new - only been using it the last 9 months so i'm still experimenting with getting the nutrition and trace mineral balance right when using it.
- Darrin

Quick service

Saturday 08 September, 2012

I placed an order at about 8am Monday morning, and by 11:30 I got an email saying that my box was on its way! Unbelievable! The plants were beautiful too!

Submitted By: Annette B.

Gorgeous Begonias

Friday 27 July, 2012

All five species of begonia are outstanding as advertised. I was even given and extra plant of one species. Great service and excellent specimens.

Submitted By: James O.

Great Service!

Wednesday 18 July, 2012

I have ordered three orchids, so far, and have received great service. The orchids are packed well and ship 2 Day Priority Mail. When sending email with questions, I received a fast response. They even contacted me with options not listed on the web site. Best service I have ever received from any orchid greenhouse.

Submitted By: William K.

Received both in perfect condition

Thursday 28 June, 2012

I'd like to let you know I've received both Begonia chlorosticta (red) and Columnea purpureovittata in perfect condition. Thanks you very much for a quick and perfect shipping.

Wow, this B chlorosticta is just breath taking!! The last time I saw this in person was at either the Atlanta Bot Garden or Longwood Garden (don't remember which) but this looks much nicer and healthier than one I saw. Just beautiful. I still love the green form too but this simply is amazing plant.

C. purpureovittata is very very nice, too. The leaves are as great as some of the beautiful Nautilocalyx and I can not wait it to bloom for me.

Submitted By: Jay N.

I am thrilled!

Thursday 07 June, 2012

Hi Mountain Orchids,

I just received my orchid order and I am thrilled! The orchids are beautiful. With your very careful packing, they shipped extremely well....you made my day!! Thank you so very much.

Submitted By: Loretta L.

Very pleased with the size of the plants

Wednesday 06 June, 2012

I received my Begonia sutherlandii plants today. I want to say they arrived in excellent condition and I was very pleased with the size of the plants. The best ones that I have ever received.

Thank you for your fast service. I will buy from you again and recommend you to my other gardener friends that are looking for these plants.

Submitted By: Jean J.

Great plants

Friday 11 May, 2012

Fast delivery and great plants!! Although Begonia luzonensis got damaged and had one leaf left, I hope it will come back soon. Now I'm waiting for Begonia chlorosticta to be available again. :)

Submitted By: Maurice L.

Response: Thanks, Maurice, for letting us know there was shipment damage on the one plant - we'll send you another!

All is Beyond Excellent

Thursday 08 March, 2012

Picked up plants yesterday. All is well. Actually all is beyond excellent. Plants are the best I have ever received. What's interesting is the media and the net pots are the same I grow my plants in. ...plants were fabulous and I look forward to more purchases in the future.

Submitted By: Rick D.

VERY happy with our eBay order

Thursday 22 December, 2011

I just wanted to drop you a note.... we were VERY happy with our eBay order, and look to purchase again from you. Packed by a true prossional of the orchid trade, all blooms intact, all plants made it thru the cold safely!

I left you positive feedback, but figured a personal message from me, is better! :)

Submitted By: Lisa H.

Wow, Great Plants

Thursday 27 October, 2011

Plants arrived today, beautifully packed, clean, healthy and very generous divisions and specimens.
After buying from you for over 16 years I am still very pleased. Love those Dendrobiums, Draculas and Masdevallias they make my basement growing area bright with color.

Submitted By: Walter C.

Excellent Service

Tuesday 18 October, 2011

The service Darrin provided was beyond exceptional. My emails were responded to immediately, my order was received quickly, and the plants are grown beautifully. Everything about my Mountain Orchids experience was pleasant, easy and I would recommend anyone to order from them. Thanks again!

Submitted By: Zach W.

Thank You!

Friday 09 September, 2011

I just received my plants. I am, first of all, impressed with the speed with which my order was processed and shipped. Secondly, the plants were well packed and arrived in perfect condition. However, the icing on the cake was a beautiful bonus plant, an unexpected and most welcome surprise, no such thing as too many orchids! Thank you so much, Mountain Orchids, I promise much repeat business.

Submitted By: Jason E.

Recent Shipment

Thursday 08 September, 2011

Beautiful plants as always and the most dedicated packers in the business.

Submitted By: Carol M.

Superlative quality and service

Thursday 19 May, 2011

I just received a package of beautiful orchids and begonias. They are large, in extremely good heath and were packed with the utmost care. The size of the Dendrobium divisions were quite generous and I am very pleased.

Thank you for making such rare plants available and for sending me such healthy propagations of them!

Submitted By: Jacob K.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Saturday 14 May, 2011

I just received the plants this morning, and all I have to say is thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You did an excellent job packing, and the plants are just gorgeous. Thank you so much. :)

Submitted By: Bonnie P.

My new Masdevallia chaparensis

Wednesday 11 May, 2011

I just wanted to say thank you for my new Masdevallia chaparensis. Since only the bloom was pictured (on eBay), I wasn't sure what the plant itself would look like and was pleasantly surprised and quite pleased. I wasn't expecting such a mature plant with so many new growths and very healthy as well. To have a couple spikes is icing on the cake! I definitely got my moneys worth. Thanks again, look forward to more purchases from you in the future.

Submitted By: SyndyWindy

My First Masdevallia Plants

Friday 22 April, 2011

These are my first Masdevallia plants. Honestly, I was not expecting so much activity in the pots. In addition to the buds and blooms, all three had very good new growth coming on. Also, there were no blemishes on any of their multiple leaves. They are going to be quite handsome plants even when not in bloom. Again, I want to thank you for the care that you all used in packing them ...very secure yet still easy to unpack.

So, wish me well with them; I want some Draculas this fall!

Submitted By: Richard, L.

Great Plants

Thursday 14 April, 2011

Just received four nice healthy plants, well packed and very quick shipping - Thanks

Submitted By: Margaret D.

Dendrobium prenticei

Sunday 20 June, 2010

Thanks for the cutest mounted plant ever!

Submitted By: Mike S. (NYHS - Exhibitions)

Happy, Healthy and Well Established

Wednesday 16 June, 2010

I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous, fabulous plant! I ordered a Masd. Sunset Jaguar, and it arrived today. I am really impressed with the size of the division, and that fact that it was happy, healthy and well established. This is my first Masdevallia, and I really feel like buying from your greenhouse will help me start out on the right foot. I will definitely recommend you to anyone interested in the more spectacular species of orchid!

Submitted By: Rachel M.