Mountain Orchids

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Be sure to check out our Culture Sheets for information of growing some of the major plant types.

Standard Round Plastic Pot: 2 1/2"

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Standard Round Plastic Pot: 3"

Base Price: $0.25
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Streptocarpella 'Blueberries N Cream'

Int - WarmEasy & free blooming Gesneriad with variegated new growth ...more.
SKU: item-1555
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Streptocarpus 'Roulette Cherry'

Int Large, Bold, easy Gesneriad ...more.
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Terrarium Dome & Bowl Set

15" Plastic Dome and matching snap-fit bottom Bowl - Contact Us for ordering ...more.
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Titanotrichum oldhamii (clone 1)

Cool - Int - WarmOldham's Golden Woodland Foxglove ...more.
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Titanotrichum oldhamii (clone 2)

Warm - CoolOldham's Golden Woodland Foxglove ...more.
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Zootrophion argus (?)
On Sale!

Zootrophion argus (?)

Int - CoolLarge flowered & uncommon Pleurothallid species ...more.
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