Mountain Orchids

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Laelia pumila alba ('Snowstorm' X 'Whiteout')

Int - WarmBrilliant white form of this Brazilian species ...more.
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Masdevallia Antizana
In Bloom!

Masdevallia Antizana

Cool - IntThis is a boldly patterned remake of an Australian hybrid ...more.
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Masdevallia Mountain's Purrecious

Cool - IntPotential for exotic patterns make this grex noteworthy ...more.
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Masdevallia Sunset Jaguar 'Nightbreed' AM/AOS

Int - CoolExotic color and exotic patterns make this cool-preferring award winner a keeper ...more.
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Maxillaria coccinea

Int - Warm Epiphyte with showy clusters of red flowers from axils ...more.
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Maxillaria richii 'Tomi'

Int - WarmCompact grower with charming blue-ish flowers ...more.
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Miltonia spectabilis ('Mountainside' X self)

Int - WarmClassic Brazilian, but offered here in a less common color form ...more.
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Neolepisorus ovatus f. variegatus 'Cloud Jungle'

Int - WarmFairly compact and somewhat slow growing fern ...more.
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Pearcea hypocyrtiflora (green-white veined form)

Int - WarmSpreading by stolons, this Gesneriad amazes with its balloon-like blooms ...more.
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Physosiphon tubatus

IntCompact, free-blooming, Central American Pleurothallid ...more.
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Primulina yungfuensis

Cool - Int - WarmClumping rosettes of patterned leaves and showy lavender blooms ...more.
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Round Plastic Net Pot: 1 3/4"

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