Mountain Orchids

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Begonia acerifolia

IntBeautiful thick-stem type species from Ecuador. ...more.
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Begonia aurantiflora

Int - WarmChinese limestone creeper with orange flowers ...more.
SKU: item-1462
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Begonia blancii (Marbled)

Int - WarmStunningly different lithophytic species from Palawan Island (Philippines). ...more.
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Begonia bogneri

Int - WarmA superb and different miniature terrarium subject ...more.
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Begonia cathayana (orange flowers)

Int - WarmAnother "new" selection from China ...more.
SKU: item-1554
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Begonia cf. "U577" Dark

Int - WarmThailand creeping species ...more.
SKU: item-1557
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Begonia chingipengii

Int - WarmBeautiful NEW and elegant Philllipine species ...more.
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Begonia chloroneura

Int - WarmPhilippine species with dark leaves veined in emerald ...more.
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Begonia cleopatrae

Int - WarmA fairly new showy Phillipine species ...more.
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Begonia conipila (spotted leaf form)

Int - WarmA semi-creeping species from Sarawak ...more.
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Begonia crispula

Int - WarmHumid lover with short, broad, dramatically textured foliage ...more.
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Begonia ferox

Int - Warm"Toothy" Limestone dweller from China ...more.
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