Mountain Orchids

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3 Lb bag - Limestone Chips

Can be used as an additive to growing mixes for plants of calcareous (chalky or limestone) habitats ...more.
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Qty Avail: 31

Achimenes 'Bird of Paradise'

Int - Warm Intense Eye Zone - Easy to grow ...more.
SKU: item-1356p
Qty Avail: 7

Achimenes 'Ever Blue'

Int - Warm VERY large Blue-Lavender - Easy ...more.
SKU: item-1340p
Qty Avail: 1

Achimenes 'Rose Frost'

Int - Warm Showy & robust - very rewarding (Winter Dormant) ...more.
SKU: item-903
Qty Avail: 5

Achimenes 'Strawberry Lemon'

Int - Warm Striking faces of tie-dye color on an easy plant ...more.
SKU: item-1341b
Qty Avail: 4

Achimenes pedunculata

Int - Warm Tall species but with very showy blooms. ...more.
SKU: item-1336
Qty Avail: 10

Begonia "U012" (AKA Symbegonia U012)

Int - WarmChallenging New Guinea species - but worth the effort ...more.
SKU: item-1302
Qty Avail: 2

Begonia "U304"

Int - WarmCompact and showy, fairly easy. Likes humidity but not needing terrarium ...more.
SKU: item-1309
Qty Avail: 5

Begonia "U512"

Int - WarmMexican, showy metallic silver splashes ...more.
SKU: item-906
Qty Avail: 1

Begonia 'Mumtaz'

Int - WarmAttractive rajah hybrid - coppery-red glossy leaves ...more.
SKU: item-1145
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Begonia 'Tweedle Dee'

Int - WarmSilver-marked palmate leaves atop a caudex base ...more.
SKU: item-1259
Qty Avail: 4

Begonia austrovietnamica

Int - WarmStunning NEW tuberous Thailand species ...more.
SKU: item-1510
Qty Avail: 2