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 Shipping is via one of the following:

Please Note:We routinely ship only to destinations within the United States.
Safe  Delivery is guaranteed on all domestic orders. (However, in winter months this guarantee is only in effect when using USPS Express Mail or FedEx).

  • US Priority Mail
    (2-3 day +/- ,  Transit times not guaranteed by Post Office)

  • US Express Mail
    (Usually overnight or 2-day ~ Express Mail is highly recommended if the weather is in question!)

  • FedEx
    (Guaranteed overnight ~ Also highly recommended when the weather is in question!)

Rates for the above shipping options will vary. During checkout, you will be asked to select a preferred delivery method. Based on your selections, along with your location, the live rate calculator will provide you with a delivery fee tailored for your order.

Please Note: Our use of the live Rate calculators allows us to come pretty close, however, unusually large-sized orders (or any that exceed our cart's calculated shipping charges) are subject to incur added charges in order to cover the actual costs of delivery.

Cold weather is a consideration for the winter months. In cold weather, Priority Mail (with a heat pack) is an option but Express Mail or FedEx service (also with a heat pack) is highly recommended. Even then, please realize we are located in a VERY northern and cold climate, thus there may be delivery delays as we await safe weather "windows".


 Order Holding:

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 Delivery Schedule:

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  • Exports (for non-Orchid plants) are considered on a per-order / per-destination basis and are subject to a different set of terms. (Alaska & Hawaii are not considered exports)

Once Your Order has Shipped:

  • We will email a notice of your order's shipment, along with tracking information.   Please be sure your provided email address is valid!

    More information regarding receipt, unpacking, and immediate post-receipt care can be found on out "Regarding Your Order..." page.

Guarantee / Returns / Refunds:

Safe Delivery and Satisfaction with material upon receipt is guaranteed! Future productivity, of course, is subject to proper care & conditions and therefore is not guaranteed. However, if you do have problems please let me know.

Should there be an issue with any order, please promptlycontact us to determine the need for returns, replacements, and/or refunds.