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Terrarium Dome & Bowl Set

For those who have been unable to locate these locally, I am offering the dome and base bowl units that I use and can be seen in many of my plant posts.

These Terrariums are made of a thin, lightweight, transparent plastic. The tops have an adjustable rotating vent to allow for some air exchange. They snap-fit to the base making for a tight drip-proof seal, but are easily lifted for convenient and complete access to the contents (no "ship in a bottle" problem with these!)

They make perfect growing and Exhibit/Display containers for many Begonias and Gesneriads. Under my artificial lights running 14-16 hr days, they have lasted a couple years before showing unsatisfactory signs of yellowing.

Note: I'm offering these at a minimal markup (just covering investment and boxing charges, etc).  Even so, I know they appear pricey for what they are - so if you can find them closer to you, that's the way to go. Also note that I am not able to offer qty discounts on these.

Regarding shipping: Since the cart will not accurately calculate shipping for multiples of these, or when shipping these to destinations outside of East Coast, USA -  please Contact Me directly for ordering.

Please Note: These are great growing/showing containers but are made from a thin & lightweight plastic and are nested in cases of 25 when received from distributor - with nothing between them. As such, slight chafing or blemishes may be evident - even before I ship. Although i do not ship damaged domes, please do not expect them to be perfectly glass-clear.

Temp Key:
Cool: 50-55F Nights
Int: 55-60F Nights
Warm: 60F+ Nights

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