Mountain Orchids

Dendrobium subclausum ssp. pandanicola

Dendrobium subclausum ssp. pandanicola is a stunning lemon-yellow form of this seldom seen-for-sale New Guinea species. It flowers on older, usuallly leafless, slender cane/stems. Plant is cane-like and with a semi-trailing to trailing habit - so plan on growing it mounted as it matures.

Culturally, they require intermediate-cool temps, a fair amount of humidity, and not allowed to dry for extended periods (think mist/moss forests). Once mature, they then bear prodigious quantities of flowers. Do not remove leafless older canes!

These are seed grown, ranging from 5-7" tall (as of 03/2015). Offered In 2" clay pots.

Cool - IntMedium - Bright
Mature Size:Humidity:
12-24", trailing60-75%
Temp Key:
Cool: 50-55F Nights
Int: 55-60F Nights
Warm: 60F+ Nights

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