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Dendrobium cuthbertsonii - Orange

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii - one of the holy grails of the cool species collector/grower! Think tiny plant, wow colors, flowers that last 6 months or more, sandpaper-like foliage texture ....everything about it is just awesome. This cross uses a good bright red crossed with a full-formed pink & white bicolor.  Such is the nature of breeding with this species, you should expect reds, oranges, pinks, as well as bicolors.    

This is a seedling out of ("Bright Red" X "Pink & White").  

Growing Dendrobium cuthbertsonii is NOT for the faint of heart. These plants demand cool temps, high humidity, pure water, and are generally considered a challenge.  So please, if you're not experienced and/or are considering these for a windowsill, well, this is NOT a prime choice!
View Oxyglossum-Type Dendrobium culture sheet.

Blooming Size seed-grown plant - in1 1/4" clay thumb pots.  Plant shown is the actual plant offered!

CoolMedium - Bright
Mature Size:Humidity:
2-3", Clumping65-80%

Cross #2284 - ('51-8748' x '65-8733')

Temp Key:
Cool: 50-55F Nights
Int: 55-60F Nights
Warm: 60F+ Nights

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