Mountain Orchids

Calopogon tuberosus (Pink & Alba mix)

Calopogon is a small genus of cold hardy orchids that are native to the US and Canada (Zone 4-9).

Calopogons are bog plants, native to consistently moist areas along with other typical marsh plants. As such, Calopogons require a consistently moist spot along the edge of a body of water or in a bog garden. They require more or less full sun. I grow them in a peat or peat-sand mix which is kept moist.

These are seed-grown plants.  These are growing in a bed and about 75% of them bloomed pure white (Alba).  The other 25% are the bright pink which is customary for the species.   The alba were grown from a selfing and got mingled with the pinks when we planted the seedlings - so they're a mixed lot now.  

Price is per 1 mature tuber, sent unpotted - ready for planting - once the ground here thaws. 

Cool - Int - WarmBright Sun
Mature Size:Humidity:
Temp Key:
Cool: 50-55F Nights
Int: 55-60F Nights
Warm: 60F+ Nights

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