Mountain Orchids

Begonia sp. (aff. debaoensis)

I don't know much about this Begonia - beyond that it is a species originally from China and came with the designation "b09". I seems VERY closely related to B. debaoensis, if not that species. The more i grow this, the more i'm quite convinced this is an example of that species. It even bears the distinguished single petal female flowers.

It is a fairly slow grower for me. Growth habit is quite flat to the media, and has a slowly creeping horizontal rhizome (with short-ish internodes between leaves).  The foliage is heavily textured / almost corrugated.  More details can be seen in the attached photos.  

I grow it as a terrarium subject - very carefully watered so as not to keep it too wet. 

Offered here as husky plants in 2 1/2-3" pots.

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Int - WarmLow - Medium
Mature Size:Humidity:
Temp Key:
Cool: 50-55F Nights
Int: 55-60F Nights
Warm: 60F+ Nights

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