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Begonia ferox

Begonia ferox is a rather new-to-the-scene, awe-inspiring species hailing from limestone areas in southwest China.   As it is quite new to cultivation, my experience growing it is so far limited.  However, it has responded fairly well for me using the almost-closed terrarium type culture that suits so many of the other rainforest understory species. The only exception is that I incorporate a roughly 2-5% ratio of limestone chips with my otherwise pro-mix based potting medium.

In its native habitat, it is described as being found clinging to limestone cliffs & rock crevices in shade.  I suspect it will be somewhat wet-sensitive - so keep that in mind. It should be understood that this may be a  challenging species - time will tell.

The foliage of B. ferox is a jaw-dropping mix of raised black (melano) cones (bullae) that rather resemble teeth, though not sharp to the touch.  The tip of each initially sports a single erect hair-bristle.  

Begonia ferox is VERY closely related to Begonia melanobullata and both are similar in appearance when mature.  Even their natural range, though from differing countries, is actually proximally close.  The main distinguishing characteristics are that B. melanobullata forms its "teeth" even as a very young plant, while in B. ferox, these are not typically developed until later, as the plant develops mature size foliage.  In addition, the hair-bristles atop the bullae are deciduous (fall away) over time on B. ferox, while they are persistent (remain attached) on B. melanobullata. 

Offered here as well established plants in  3" pots.

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