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Begonia blancii (Marbled)

Begonia blancii  is a stunningly different lithophytic (rock growing) rhizomatous species only recently discovered (2011), by Botanist Patrick Blanc on Palawan Island (Philippines).  This is one of the newest must-have species for the Begonia  enthusiast!

Beyond its lithophytic lifestyle, one of the more fascinating aspects to the species is its variability in nature.  It sgeems to exist in light green, dark green-purple, and mottled-leaf forms.  Intriguingly, all the forms appear to co-exist natively.

Despite its rock-growing nature, it seems quite amenable to cultivation.  Clearly, overwatering it is not reccomended. However, it has not proven to require rock surfaces in cultivation.  In fact, I've grown it in most of the various mediums we traditionally use to grow rain forest tropical species (including moss, peat-based, etc) - just be sure to add extra aeration / drainage materials (Perlite, Lavarock, Diatomite, etc) and not overwater.

Offered here are established young plants in a 2" pots.

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Mature Size:Humidity:
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Cool: 50-55F Nights
Int: 55-60F Nights
Warm: 60F+ Nights

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