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General Ordering:

Orders may be placed on the website, by phone, or via postal mail. (Please do NOT send payment information via email)

Note: It has been many years since I issued a paper/printed price list, instead I have found it much more practical to maintain a website listing of offerings.

Orders are always subject to availability. While I make every effort to keep the listings up-to-date with actual availability, there are occastions when I might not have the inventory at the time of order. In such cases, I reserve the right to refund/cancel the order - though I usually inquire whether a substitution, or put on backorder is preferred.


Order Holding:

Due to the nature of live plants, limited space, and work schedules, I am unable to hold orders for long periods of time.  I may, at my discretion, delay a shipment due to unfavorable weather or other reasons, but generally endeavor to ship in a prompt and timely fashion.


Domestic Delivery & Shipment

Shipments are made via USPS Priority Mail, and Express Mail service. The latter is usually the only option available in the colder months of the year. 



Sorry,  I am not offering export orders at this time.