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Orders (for non-Orchid items only) for direct shipment to locations outside the United States may be considered on a per-destination & per-order basis.

  • As a business, I will only export plants via legal means (with proper permits and inspections). The requirements for these vary on a per-country basis. For some countries, meeting the requirements has proven impractical and/or too costly (European Union members, for one). However, I have sent successful legal shipments to several countries (Thailand, Japan and Russia, for example).
    Countries we know we cannot ship to include:
        All EU members (Germany, UK, etc)
  • Since what happens once a shipment leaves the country is completely beyond our control - please understand that all export shipments are at the buyers risk.
  • Since exports must be considered on a per-destination basis, please contact us to discuss the possibility. 

Due their time-consuming nature and extra work involved, accepted Export orders are subject to:

  • Minimums - Minumum Export Order value: $300 US
  • Shipping - Shipping via US Express Mail International only (cost varies, but typically is around $60-85 US)
  • Phytosanitary Certificate (cost may vary)
  • Lead Times - Will vary.  Expect a minimum of 3 to 12 weeks between initiating an export order and its finalization for shipment. This is due to the scheduling required to obtain Phytosanitary Certifiates. It is important to remember that exports need to be planned far enough in advance to account for appraoching inclement weather (hot summer or cold winters).
  • Requirements - Many countries require the recipient to have an Import Permit.  Note that if this is the case, our government will require me (the shipper) to obtain a copy of the import permit before it will issue me the Phytosanitary certificate.