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Acrorchis roseola 'Mountainside'
Cool - Int - Warm Only 6" tall, fairly adaptable, from Costa Rica
SKU: item-603
Qty Avail:  4
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Dendrochilum uncatum var. uncatum 'Mountainside'
Int - WarmTerrific, near-miniature and easy growing species but with showy flowers
SKU: item-928
Qty Avail:  0
Out of Stock.
Dracula gorgona xanthina ('Colombo' FCC /AOS X self)
Int - CoolThe rare yellow form of this stunning species.
SKU: item-1598
Qty Avail:  3
In Stock
Laelia pumila alba ('Snowstorm' X 'Whiteout')
Int - WarmBrilliant white form of this Brazilian species
SKU: item-1425
Qty Avail:  0
Out of Stock.
Maxillaria richii 'Tomi'
Int - WarmCompact grower with charming blue-ish flowers
SKU: item-1370
Qty Avail:  2
In Stock