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Acrorchis roseola 'Mountainside'
Cool - Int - Warm Only 6" tall, fairly adaptable, from Costa Rica
SKU: item-603
Qty Avail:  8
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Calopogon tuberosus (Pink & Alba mix)
Cool - Int - WarmCold-hardy US native bog orchid. Easy in full sun and damp-wet peaty
SKU: item-1345
Qty Avail:  10
In Stock
Cattleya bicalhoi (Laelia dayana) 'Mountainside'
Int - WarmA very nice form of this Brazilian species
SKU: item-1445
Qty Avail:  2
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Cattleya maxima 'Mountainside'
Cool - Int - WarmA great form of this Peruvian species
SKU: item-1529
Qty Avail:  1
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Dendrobium cuthbertsonii (
CoolTiny, rather challenging to grow, Cool & humid preferring, miniature species
SKU: item-1500
Qty Avail:  1
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Dendrobium cuthbertsonii (('Pumpkin' X 'Picotee Mask') X (
Cool5 (Or More) near blooming size bare-root plants, from com-pots
SKU: item-1546
Qty Avail:  27
In Stock
Dendrobium Illusion (remake)
Int - CoolLike its predecessors, this remake is easier to grow than D. cuthbertsonii itself
SKU: item-1786
Qty Avail:  7
In Stock
Dendrobium Illusion 'Firecracker' HCC/AOS
Int - CoolThis are divisions of a vibrant, AWARDED selection.
SKU: item-1328
Qty Avail:  11
In Stock
Dendrobium Mtn's Butterfly Kisses
IntEasier-to-grow D. cuthbertsonii hybrid with LARGE blooms
SKU: item-1536
Qty Avail:  15
In Stock
Dendrobium Mtn's Twilight Stars 'Twinkle'
Int - CoolStunning novelty hybrid - prefers humidity
SKU: item-1512
Qty Avail:  1
In Stock
Dendrochilum uncatum var. formosanum 'Mountainside'
Int - WarmTerrific, near-miniature and easy growing species but with showy flowers
SKU: item-928
Qty Avail:  8
In Stock
Dendrochilum wenzelii 'Fishing Creek' (Fall Blooming)
Int - WarmFall blooming form of this showy and reliable species
SKU: item-917
Qty Avail:  3
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