Mountain Orchids

Orchids are one of the largest of plant families. As such, it should come to no surprise that within there are many genera - each offering a vast array or types, shapes, colors, traits, and cultural requirements. Since not all are created equal, be sure to explore the specific needs of each before deciding.

Here are a few links to culture sheets specific to some types:

Temp Key:
Cool: 50-55F Nights
Int: 55-60F Nights
Warm: 60F+ Nights

Ancipitia praecipua (Pleurothallis)

IntCompact, free-blooming, Ecuadorean native ...more.
SKU: item-1428
Qty Avail: 1

Calopogon tuberosus (Pink & Alba mix)

Cool - Int - WarmCold-hardy US native bog orchid. Easy in full sun and damp-wet peaty ...more.
SKU: item-1345
Qty Avail: 15

Calopogon tuberosus (White)

Cool - Int - WarmWinter-hardy, US native, perrennial bog orchid. Easy in full sun and damp-wet peaty ...more.
SKU: item-1324
Qty Avail: 13

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii ("Bright Red" X "Pink & White")

CoolTiny, rather challenging to grow, Cool & humid preferring, miniature species ...more.
SKU: item-1500
Qty Avail: 17

Dendrobium Illusion 'Embers'

Int - CoolBeautiful humid-preferring hybrid is easier to grow than D. cuthbertsonii ...more.
SKU: item-1133
Qty Avail: 6

Dendrobium Illusion 'Firecracker' HCC/AOS

Int - CoolThis are divisions of a vibrant, AWARDED selection. ...more.
SKU: item-1328
Qty Avail: 12

Dendrobium Illusion (pkg of 4)

Int - CoolSave 30% on this pkg of 4 plants! ...more.
SKU: item-1786-4
Qty Avail: 18

Dendrobium Illusion (remake)

Int - CoolLike its predecessors, this remake is easier to grow than D. cuthbertsonii itself ...more.
SKU: item-1786
Qty Avail: 22

Dendrobium lawesii ('Golden Oriole' X "Red & Yellow")

Int - CoolAn outcross that uses our xanthic form of this pendulous species ...more.
SKU: item-1443
Qty Avail: 1

Dendrobium Mtn's Twilight Stars 'Twinkle'

Int - CoolStunning novelty hybrid - prefers humidity ...more.
SKU: item-1512
Qty Avail: 4

Dendrobium pseudoglomeratum ('Mountainside' X "#2")

Int - WarmSpectacular PNG species with stunning flower clusters ...more.
SKU: item-1434
Qty Avail: 9

Dendrochilum cobbianum 'Golden Cascade'

Int - WarmEasy-to-grow , 10" tall species with chains of comparatively large flowers ...more.
SKU: item-1266
Qty Avail: 1