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Encyclia polybulbon
Int - WarmCreeping VARIEGATED miniature for bright light. Best mounted
SKU: item-553
Qty Avail:  2
In Stock
Diplocaulobium aratriferum
Int - WarmEasy and showy New Guinea species with very frequently produced one-day flowers
SKU: item-57
Qty Avail:  7
In Stock
Acrorchis roseola 'Mountainside'
Cool - Int - Warm Only 6" tall, fairly adaptable, from Costa Rica
SKU: item-603
Qty Avail:  14
In Stock
Neolauchea pulchella (Isabelia pulchella)
Cool - Int - WarmAwesome and rewarding miniature for mount or basket culture
SKU: item-640
Qty Avail:  8
In Stock
Begonia versicolor
Int - WarmMedium-sized showy species best suited for terrarium culture
SKU: item-755
Qty Avail:  0
Out of Stock.
Begonia chlorosticta (Green Form)
Int - WarmStunning humid-loving species with showy spotted foliage
SKU: item-804
Qty Avail:  0
Out of Stock.
Begonia decora
Int - WarmStubbly purple foliage - needs terrarium care
SKU: item-850
Qty Avail:  0
Out of Stock.
Hapalochilus nitidus 'Mountainside'
Cool - Int - WarmShowy miniature that seems adaptable as long as not too dry
SKU: item-92
Qty Avail:  1
In Stock
Dendrochilum uncatum var. formosanum 'Mountainside'
Int - WarmTerrific, near-miniature and easy growing species but with showy flowers
SKU: item-928
Qty Avail:  13
In Stock
Begonia henryi
Int - WarmCompact mounds of exotically marked leaves. Tuberous, so is dormant in winter
SKU: item-961
Qty Avail:  6
In Stock
Begonia nahangensis
Int - WarmAnother "Toothy" Limestone dweller from Quang Binh prov., Vietnam
SKU: item-1565
Qty Avail:  0
Out of Stock.
Begonia sp.
Int - WarmAnother gem from China/Vietnam
SKU: item-1567
Qty Avail:  0
Out of Stock.