Mountain Orchids

Located in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Mountain Orchids is a primarily mail-order nursery offering rotating selections for the Orchid, Begonia, and rare plant enthusiast. Refocused in recent years, we excitedly anticipate many new & interesting selections that involve our own breeding!

Be sure to also check our weekly ebay listings which include not only items of general interest but also some one-of-a-kind offerings.

Temp Key:
Cool: 50-55F Nights
Int: 55-60F Nights
Warm: 60F+ Nights

Recent Additions

Begonia 'Silver Queen'

Int - WarmShowy older Rex hybrid from mid-late 1800's ...more.
SKU: item-1430sq
Qty Avail: 9

Begonia sp (Gobenia section) "Red Leaf"

Int - WarmMedium-sized creeper for terrarium-culture ...more.
SKU: item-1494
Qty Avail: 3

Begonia arachnoidea

Int - WarmAnother limestone species allied to B. ninmingensis ...more.
SKU: item-1493
Qty Avail: 1

Achimenes 'Strawberry Ice Cream' (3 dormant rhizomes)

Int - Warm Intense color on an easy to grow plant ...more.
SKU: item-1492
Qty Avail: 2

Begonia pearcei (dormant tuber)

IntAndean tuberous species (winter dormant) with dramatic foliage and bright flowers ...more.
SKU: item-1268d
Qty Avail: 7

Begonia henryi (sp. ex China) (dormant tubers)

Int - WarmCompact mounds of exotically marked leaves. Tuberous, so is dormant in winter ...more.
SKU: item-961dt
Qty Avail: 5

Achimenes 'Rose Frost' (5 dormant rhizomes)

Int - Warm Showy & robust - very rewarding (Winter Dormant) ...more.
SKU: item-903d
Qty Avail: 6

Begonia scutifolia

Int - WarmFree flowering, humid loving, small African terrarium species ...more.
SKU: item-1491
Qty Avail: 12

Begonia Wanda

Int - WarmMedium-sized showy hybrid suitable for terrarium culture ...more.
SKU: item-1490
Qty Avail: 3