Located in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Mountain Orchids is a specialty mail-order nursery offering rotating selections for the Orchid, Begonia, and rare plant enthusiast. I strive to offer new & interesting selections, all grown here, and even some hybrids of my own breeding!

Be sure to also check our weekly ebay listings which include not only items of general interest but also some one-of-a-kind offerings.

Featured Products

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii ('Lafayette' X 'Bird of Paradise')
Cool5 (Or More) near blooming size bare-root plants, from com-pots
SKU: item-1579
Qty Avail:  25
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Scaphyglottis aurea 'Mountainside'
Int - CoolShowy small flowers adorn leafy bushes
SKU: item-1533
Qty Avail:  12
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Begonia montis-elephantis
Int - WarmHumid loving, med-small African terrarium species
SKU: item-1499
Qty Avail:  1
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